Radio communication rental rate.
Rental property is divided into two styles.
1.)1-6 Mouth
2.)Upper 7 Mouth
Radio communication rental




Standard E-280

Radio communication rental
No Detail Rate Note..
1 MTX900 ( MOTOROLA ) 2500 -
2 MTX960 ( MOTOROLA ) 2500 -
3 mtx1500 ( MOTOROLA ) 3000 -
4 Standard E-280 ( STANDARD ) 4500 80-150/วัน


1. The above prices do not include value added tax (VAT) 7% VAT.

2. Include the installation of a stationary or car?

3. This rate includes the maintenance of the machine throughout the period of rental.

4. In case of loss or damage due to abnormal usage, such as fall River, fire, accident or breakdown (not repair). Tenants would be responsible for paying the penalty.

5. If a problem cannot be used. The company has a replacement handset.

6. This price can vary according to the number and duration of lease.

Radio repair service


- Repair services, the company will transfer a repair. ฟรี

- After receiving a radio communication to repair from the customer.It takes 1 day to assess prices.

And send a Fax to the customer to wait for approval of repair order.

- When the customer orders the service and fax the measurement company. The company uses the time to repair and return the equipment within 3 days.

The terms of service and warranty information

- The company will guarantee the repair for a period of 90 days from the date of repair, complete and return the equipment to the customer the owner or company representative.

With the transfer of the customer, without any charge.

- The company will be billed to the customer. The owner or agent. After the device is. Already, and have already returned a device 30 days (30 credits)

Radio repair service
Code List Price
Portable Portable radio repair service fee per machine Ex. MTX838, MTX900 -
Mobile Mobile radio repair service fee per machine Ex. GM338 (Mobile) -